We are constantly living in our heads. Our minds become overactive with all the “should’s” and “to do’s”.


A voice within you says “I should be ‘working on myself’ to improve my health, to improve my success, to be a better … . “

Or “I should do x,y,z … !”

Or you postpone your relaxing or happy time.

Or you feel empty at the end of your day and don’t know why.

When our minds become obsessive with overthinking we become more and more stressed and we completely miss the opportunity to FEEL and take notice of our BODIES.


Unfortunately we only start to listen and pay attention to our bodies when the language it speaks to us is clear like tiredness, tension, pain or sleeping difficulties.


BUT, what if I told you that you have the capability to listen to the more nuanced and subtle language of your body BEFORE things turned pear shaped, with symptoms becoming intense and complex? Or that you are able to turn the wheel from aggravation right into feeling more fulfilled and joyful?


And how do we do this?


Movement is the innate nature of our body

Connect with this natural source within you in my Wild Movement Session


This free session is a space to connect with your feeling body where


  • You discover a range of different sensations and feelings

  • Reconnect with your desires, pleasure and joy

  • Feel a greater sense of openness, meanings and spaciousness in your body

  • Connect to where there may be resistance, numbness, emptiness, softness, semi-permeability, stickiness just to mention a few.


Through the medicine of movement we come into flow or we discover a tenderness or we encounter a closed door we wish to open.


We can immerse in our being just as it is now, without having to change anything. To embrace our present sensations.


If you want to take the time to learn and experience this vital skill, so you can live a more fulfilled and joyful life, join us in this free Movement Medicine Session.








where we come together 2x a month online:
  • for a 1h Movement Medicine Session
  • for a 30 min. Ritual as a devotion to yourself
6 Sessions at 5pm cet
all sessions will be in Spanish!
141 €
WILD MOVEMENT Sessions in german will be announced soon.

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