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Re-connect with your Wild Nature to live a life with more joy.


Get ready for deep transformation

  • I wish for a world where we aren’t obsessed with ‘fixing’ ourselves.


  • I wish for a world where health issues and dis-ease would be treated tailored individually, integrating all methods most valuable to the person and where science would consider the difference in endocrinologically feminine, masculine, intersexual, nonbinary and children’s bodies.


  • I wish for a world where we are connected and learn to be connected to our natural self which includes our instinct and intuition, so that we can access a more holistic decision-making and creative choices.

  • I wish for a world where we do not have to define ourselves by our body appearance, condition and gender orientation.


  • I wish for a world where we feel proud of ourselves and are inextricably connected to our body’s native intelligence.


  • I wish for a world where we don’t have to “become someone else” to be loved, that who we are is utterly perfect.

Here’s what I wish and work for ...

If you have similar desires, then you’re in the right place.

I'm Alexandra Jung

and help sensitive, stressed humans living in a mind based way of life transition into feeling whole and complete, reconnecting them with their innate joy and creating a deeply compassionate relationship with their physical body and their fragile parts.

I weave together:

  • the deep wisdom of the body,

  • a trauma-informed way of getting to the root causes of not feeling good enough

  • my knowledge in balancing the subtle energies and in training the sensual perceptions

  • my intuitive skills

  • my own deep process with chronic dis-eases

  • my experience in holding safe containers as a former nurse anesthetist.

I love and tend to work with the same clients over an extended period of time, because we do deep, impactful and transformational work.

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I wholeheartedly believe that my body is my greatest teacher.
And your body is your greatest teacher too.

                Here’s how partnering with my body has radically changed my life:

  • I’m free of several chronic conditions like Rosacea and other bodily inflammations, something I struggled with all my life. 

  • Healing my relationship with my mother and changing my attachment style with others.

  • I courageously changed careers.

  • I recognized my self sabotaging patterns and learned to come out of it.

  • I've taken radical responsibility for my healing journey and my life has transformed.

  • I have come out of being a shy introvert and now enjoy even small talk!

My Qualifications & Experiences

Here’s what got me ready to partner with you in creating a thriving and pleasure-filled life…

I have a medical background as a trained nurse and nurse anesthetist with over 30 years experience in accompanying persons in extreme life situations.


What this means for you is that I know how to create a safe container in working with vulnerable issues and I also know the physical body and its functions from inside out. This means I can create a deep experience in accompanying your body’s sensations just in a way tailored to you.


I am an authorized Jin Shin Jyutsu® practitioner and Selfhelp Teacher studying continuously since 2011 this wonderful art of harmonizing the subtle energy in our body.


What this means for you is that I can support and give you additional advice for easy self practice to harmonize the flow of your energy pathways which support, regenerate and build your being on an energetic and physical level.


I am also a certified SOEA Feminine Embodiment Coach as well as being an authorized Wild Woman's Circle Teacher and Non-linear Movement Method® Teacher.


What this means for you is, that I have deep training and hands on mentoring experience that will help us combine both your beautiful mind and wisdomfilled body to liberate any tension and stress that is active in your daily life and to get to the heart of any avoidance strategies or not feeling good enough patterns.


So there’s some background of what has got me ready to help you on your healing journey.

trauma informed embodiment coaching

Partner With Me


If you’d like to partner with me you can see the different offerings I have available here.

I have 1:1 Private Options and Group Experience Options.

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