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WILD MOVEMENT is an opportunity

  • to give your feelings, sensations and thoughts space for their expression in a protected setting 

  • to let your bodies wisdom unfold in its natural way. 

  • to sensitize for your inner landscape and the freeing from domesticating influences.

  • to enhance your creative responsiveness and

  • to expand your sensory perception

This brings more vitality, connection and joy into your daily live.

Benefits of Wild Movement based on the Non-Linear Movement Method®, developed by Michaela Boehm:

Regulates the Nervous System
The demands of modern life create stress and tension in the body and an overactive mind. NLMM encourages the identifying and unwinding of patterns of contraction. Through gentle, non-force movements bodily tension and underlying mental loops are relieved. The result is a systematic, self-guided unburdening of the nervous system.

Processes and Identifies Emotions
As the body unwinds and the mind relaxes its pressured pace, the emotions associated with these contractive patterns become apparent and can be dissolved through the movement. You can note recurring emotional loops for further processing and at the same time allow emotions to simply arise and let go.


Releases Trauma Patterns into Flow
One of the common results of traumatic experience (fresh and old alike) is “freeze”, a state in which body, mind and emotions are stuck in a state of numbness. Often “freeze” is falsely perceived as a feeling of “calm/nothing”, which results in an inability to release the experience and ease the bodily patterns of hold. NLMM facilitates a continued movement, which gently opens the freeze pattern and allows for recognition and release of the underlying bodily and emotional patterns.

Unites Mind and Body in Intimacy with Physical Sensation
Through continued engagement with release of contraction and facilitation of emotional awareness, the ingrained patterns become both more apparent and less pronounced. Over time, physical sensation can be more fully engaged with, and the acceptance as well as tolerance of all sensation increases. Intimacy with whatever is present is possible. Body, Emotion and Mind can align to support an integrated approach to feeling and understanding existing behavioral patterning.

Creates High Bodily Responsiveness
NLMM educates the body how to release and process contractions, stress and emotional tension while at the same time sensitizing you to your internal landscape. This is called “Interoception”, the ability to feel what is “inside”. Via the body we become highly attuned to all sensations and can note, react or release fluidly and without having to attend to traumatic or suppressed backlog.

Opens Access to Bodily Wisdom
By putting emphasis on movement and circumventing the analytical mind and loops of tense thinking the natural intelligence of our bodies is accessed. Through gentle guidance the mechanisms of “freeze” and refusal to feel are being loosened and our innate bodily wisdom can create the necessary actions and releases.

Awakens Vital Energy and Sensual Sensation
As tension, contraction, and emotion are being released, the body becomes sensitized and we are able to feel deeper. One of the marked results of this sensitization is an ability to feel increased pleasure and well being. Participants report an increased ability to connect through their body, both with themselves and others.

NLMM is facilitated on a mat or blanket. Participants dress in comfortable, non-restrictive clothing.

The method can be practiced at any age, fitness level and mobility. The movements are designed to be self regulating and can be done in any position, including laying down.

Currently I offer twice a month online classes.

If you'd like to be informed about upcoming classes, just click the mail button   >>>>>>>>>>

I facilitate WILD MOVEMENT SESSIONS in Spanish or English for groups.

Send me an email for further details!

"Ich hab die ganze Zeit geheult und geschluchzt und geschüttelt. Es war wunderbar.
Und gestern am Morgen bin ich aufgewacht mit einer Gelassenheit und Freude wie schon seit 2/3 Wochen nicht mehr. Ich bin dann endlich wieder mal eine Runde rennen gegangen und fühlte mich freier und leichter. Es war toll. Den ganzen Tag sind mir Sachen aufgegangen und es gab Auflösungen von verklemmten Gedanken. Und nicht bloss gedacht sondern auch gefühlt." 


"Ich habe an Alexandras 'Wild Movement' teilgenommen, weil mein momentaner Alltag so gefüllt ist, dass das Fühlen meines Körpers oft auf der Strecke bleibt und ich es vergesse. Es war eine perfekte Gelegenheit, dem Priorität einzuräumen. Ich wollte einfach wieder einmal still sein und in meine Körperin schauen, um zu spüren, was sich dort bewegt.  


Durch die Erfahrung in der 'Wild Movement Session' konnte ich Freude, Lust, Schmerz, Enttäuschung, Endlosigkeit spüren und mit jedem Lied tauchte ich in eine neue Welle von Gefühlen ein. Aber am wichtigsten war, dass ich mich immer sicher und gehalten fühlte.


Alexandra hat mir geholfen, wirklich ganz in meine Körperin anzukommen. Vielen Dank für diese wunderbare, befreiende Session!"


I took part in Alexandra’s Wild Movement because my mind was racing and my muscles were tired. It was the perfect moment to let go even when I was in a good spirit. I don’t always find time and this was a great opportunity to unblock something inside and open my heart to receive.

As a result of the Wild Movement experience I felt happy, serene and energetic. I accessed a feeling of power and leadership. I felt an opening of my heart, like a door ready to receive, of having connected with the essence. I felt grateful. Even the day after I still feel lighter and more centered, more deserving and being more magnetic towards what I desire.

Alexandra helped me to find the time to connect with the body in a physical yet spiritual and energetic way. That it is so easy and powerful to let go!

She is a delicate yet powerful and trustworthy guide.

Anna Manso, Writer and Screenwriter
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