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All my offerings are about connecting body, mind and heart with your true undomesticated nature so you can live your daily life full of aliveness, pleasure and empowerment. To be able to deeply relax and to engage with all your senses are key skills which I weave in through all my offerings.
I do not offer self improvement but an unlocking of your true potential, which may lie dormant or is dimmed.

Here’s what you need to know:

Unconscious limiting patterns often prevent us from feeling what wants to be felt, they prevent us from allowing magic and joy in our daily life.

They consume a lot of energy because they run on autopilot and are weaved together with our nervous system which is constantly in the mode of solution and outcome based behaviour settings. 

All patterns have somatic, emotional and mental components and by learning and practicing new ways of being, moving and thinking, we make way and space for the flow of our true essence.

If you want less…

  • discomfort in life

  • feeling like the victim

  • self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours

  • guilt and shame

  • self-doubt

  • overwhelm and tension

And you desire more…


  • Happiness

  • Empowerment

  • Pleasure

  • Sensual aliveness

  • Intimacy and Belonging

  • Fullfillment

I believe everyone has the capacity to do this on her/his own with or without support from friends, family or therapists, because if we listen to the subtle signals of our body, there is always an inherent flow towards healing and regeneration available.

BUT - it’s something that we have rarely been taught.

And I’m here to support you in a compassionate and

trauma-sensitive way to find your innate flow of wellbeing.

                         Does this sound like you?

You desire to discover the undercurrent drivers and are ready to change unconscious patterns?

You yearn to connect deeply with your body and it’s language from where wholeness and peace emerge?

You think a customized and individual personal support is great?

Are you looking for sustainable practices which have an effect in the body, mind and soul to connect all your complexity as a being?

Do you desire a safe container where every single aspect of you is welcomed in a compassionate yet direct way of working together?

Then this is where I can support you.

If you are experiencing a „yes“ within your body,
read on to learn more.

1:1 embodiment coaching


3 month journey

Discover your body’s wisdom and learn to connect mind, heart and body in your daily life and remember who you really are.

This is a powerful journey for 3 months.

This program is for you if…


  • You desire to get more in touch with your body, your sensations and your reactions. 


  • You want to learn how to center yourself and feel rooted, despite any external influences or challenges that come your way. 


  • You want to learn how to feel safe and grounded when times get rocky or hard.

  • You desire to implement more nourishing pleasure in your daily life instead.


What you will receive


  • 1 x 90 minute session where I’ll share some of the key theories of Feminine Embodiment and how it relates to different emotions and reaction patterns. We will also dive into your complexity as a being and identify unconscious patterns and what is blocking you from being connected to your essence.


  • 7 x 60 mins private sessions you will get to know your body symptoms and be able to identify thought and emotional patterns, reactions related to situations and relationships. You will have deeper insights in your daily behavior and understand on a deeper level your emotional reactions in specific situations. You will be able to be inhabited pathways to your wellbeing.


  • Customised resource library which may include practices, worksheets, guidance for rituals, guided meditation to root yourself, guided movement meditation and individual tailored Jin Shin Jyutsu sequences to harmonize energy flow in your body.


  • 1 x 60 min embodied celebration and reflection session where we reflect and anchor it all in . We will as well orient towards your future path and what will help you sustain the embodied way of being.

Your Investment


2100 chf (payment plan available)

You prefer working with me in single sessions?

These sessions happen online or in person in my studio.

One session takes 60 minutes.

chf 140 per session

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