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Move through resistance quicker and easier so you radiate in all aspects of your life 

Have you recently met a stranger who gave you a warm smile for no reason?


We may react to this surprising situation with interaction, rejection, passivity, overwhelm, etc.

The range of our reactions are influenced by our biography and the skills we have learned throughout our life .

Interaction is the easiest and most playful form of possible reactions. In ‘RADIATE’ we will work and experiment with this lightness.

"Radiante" is an individual exploration on your magnificent path, past resistances into the joy of life.


We are all full of potential, yet at the same time we often limit ourselves in our joy of life through various kinds of resistances.

There are multifaceted reasons for these resistances: some of them make sense, but more often they limit us to discover new possibilities. We all came into the world with the abilities to grow from our resistances.


We sharpen our individual authenticity, explore our own receptivity, joy and our sensuous aliveness.

With music, movement, dance, presence and awareness practices, expression of emotions and thoughts we work on hidden patterns and enliven all our senses.


In this 5-week experience we will approach resistance partly with the analyzing mind, but mainly by feeling our body in the now, with the unbending truth of our sensations. We explore our resistances through the language of our body to recognize and transform them.


Your everyday when your true self shines:


  • A more joyful approach to life and more vitality in your everyday life. 


  • Experiencing surprises, e.g. last week I was invited by two complete strangers to a glass of sparkling wine and we toasted to our feelings!


  • Noticing resistance because it is part of life, but being able to act within a shorter period of time instead of retreating into passivity or distraction for several days or weeks. 


  • Being able to say no or yes without letting yourself spiral into thoughts about the consequences.


  • Receiving more compliments and being able to receive them fully. Also being able to praise more.


  • Conversations get deeper and easier, f.ex. I can make "small deep talk" with other people instead of acting mute because I don't like "small talk".


  • Creating sensual aliveness and enjoying it with every cell of your body.

RADIATE - 5 week online experience in german

Week 1

Wednesday 9.11. | 7.30 - 9.15 pm cet

immerse and discover


Week 2

Wednesday 16.11. | 7.30 - 9.00 pm cet

disrupt and hold 

Week 3

Wednesday 23.11. | 7.30 - 9.00 pm cet

move into sovereignty


Week 4

Wednesday 30.11. | 7.30 - 9.00 pm cet

play with shifting your shape

Week 5

Wednesday 07.11. | 7.30 - 9.00 pm cet

ground and expand

Prize 300 chf

Registration is closed.

I took part in Alexandra’s Movement Medicine because my mind was racing and my muscles were tired. It was the perfect moment to let go even when I was in a good spirit. I don’t always find time and this was a great opportunity to unblock something inside and open my heart to receive.


As a result of the Movement Medicine experience I felt happy, serene and energetic. I accessed a feeling of power and leadership. I felt an opening of my heart, like a door ready to receive, of having connected with the essence. I felt grateful. Even the day after I still feel lighter and more centered, more deserving and being more magnetic towards what I desire.


Alexandra helped me to find the time to connect with the body in a physical yet spiritual and energetic way. That it is so easy and powerful to let go!


She is a delicate yet powerful and trustworthy guide.

Anna Manso, Writer and Screenwriter
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